2015 In Review- Best In Film Part 3

Bridge Of Spies
Inside Out
Ex Machina
The Martian
The Hateful Eight

Since I didn’t distinguish between Original and Adapted, I chose six, instead of five here. These were the six films that I felt really showcased strong writing, exceptional dialogue, unique perspective, and great characters. Ultimately, one film stood out above the rest.

WINNER: The Martian
I loved that The Martian didn’t dumb itself down. It really went for the science aspect of the story, and it believed that the audience would understand and follow along. I think that’s why it stood out to me as the best of the year.

The Martian
The Walk
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Hateful Eight
Beasts Of No Nation

Five films, beautifully shot. Visually stunning. Whether it was the desert landscape of Mad Max Fury Road, or the deep jungles of Beasts Of No Nation, each film painted a wonderful picture on film this year. To be fair, I’ll admit that I haven’t yet seen The Revenant. So…

WINNER: Mad Max: Fury Road
Easily the most striking visual film of the year, that I’ve seen.

The Danish Girl
Mr Holmes

The five films whose costumes truly stood out to me, and in itself became characters, or at least truly enhanced the overall experience of the film.

WINNER: Cinderella
Absolutely beautiful costuming. It remained for a long time at the top of my list for the year.

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