Box Office Predictions: Ben Affleck Aims For The Top

Ben Affleck is hoping to take the top spot this weekend with The Accountant, which is running ads that it is critically acclaimed, yet it lacks a RT score. So, is it REALLY a good film, or is it using the three good reviews it got? If it’s not a great film, 20M will be hard. There are a lot of options for adults looking for drama. I’m betting it has a moderate RT score in the 50-60% range, which won’t be bad enough to kill it.

Kevin hart is opening another comedy film. Let Me Explain opened to 10M, but was a summer release. Even though Kevin Hart is more popular, I think the October release will level him out at about the same opening as Let Me Explain.

The third new release you may not have even heard of. It’s Max Steel. I think the film looks terrible, and I think it has potential like Jem and the Holograms to be a massive flops. I’m being generous with a 3M opening. I don’t think Max Steel will open in the top 10. The film has no stars, but Andy Garcia and Maria Bello in supporting roles. That’s not enough.

In limited release, Desertio will open on 74 screens. Priceless will open on 300 screens.

1) the Accountant- 20M Weekend, 20M Weekend
2) The Girl On The Train- 14M Weekend, 50M Total
3) Kevin Hart: What Now?- 10M Weekend, 10M Total
4) Miss Peregrine- 9M Weekend, 69M Total
5) Deepwater Horizon- 7M Weekend, 51M Total
6) The Magnificent Seven- 5M Weekend, 85M Total
7) Storks- 5M Weekend, 61M Total
8) Birth Of A Nation- 4M Weekend, 15M Total
9) Middle School- 4M Weekend, 15M Total
10) Sully- 3.5M Weekend, 120M Total
11) Max Steel- 3M Weekend, 3M Total

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