Doubt (Pilot)

Starring: Katherine Heigl, Dule Hill, Laverne Cox, Steven Pasquale, Dreama Walker, Elliott Gould

Plot: Sadie (Heigl) is a top lawyer working a murder trial. Her client, Billy (Pasquale) is developing feelings for her. Her best friend/co-worker (Hill) reminds her that its a conflict of interest. Doubt is basically a typical legal drama, with some cases resolving in one episode, but also having a case running a season long (potentially series long) arc.

What Works: I actually enjoyed Heigl in this role. I think it is a much better role for her than State Of Affairs was. She’s backed by a very talented ensemble, with a lot of TV vets. Hill (Psych), Cox (Orange Is The New Black), Pasquale (Rescue Me), Walker (Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apt 23), and of course Elliott Gould (Every Show Ever). It’s a strong ensemble. I liked them all in the first episode. I want to see them do more, for sure.

What Doesn’t Work: It doesn’t hit as hard right out of the gate as I would have liked. It is a perfectly fine series, and I would love to see more. As far as a pilot goes, it does an OK job of introducing the characters and the world, but it doesn’t do enough to set itself out from the pack. Some shows make a huge impact in their first episode, and others take time to develop. Doubt is definitely the latter of the two.

Final Word: In this time of “too much TV”, do we have time to let Doubt grow? Will an audience stick with a show when they can binge watch anything they want? I’m hoping to come back for another episode. I like good legal dramas, and Doubt gives me hope that it can be one. The bigger question is, will CBS let it have the time it needs to prove itself?


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