10 Titles With Audio Description On hulu To Make Your Halloween Spooky

Just like the HBo MAX list I made last week, this list is pulled from the current list on the audio description project (ADp.acb.org), and are titles I have seen. I may not have seen all of these titles yet with audio description, but I am not recommending anything I haven’t seen.

I figured since Hellraiser drops today, hulu seems like a logical choice. It is not on this list, because I have not watched it yet.

1) Fresh

Sebastian Stan gives a rather delicious performance in this film that revolves around a topic that sometimes we don’t like to see in our movies. But, compared to other titles about cannibals, this is rather tame. Especially considering the word of mouth on Bones And All, the Timothee Chalamet starring film that hits theatres next month.

2) No Exit

This one is more of a thriller, about being trapped in one location during a storm, and someone you’re trapped with is not a nice person. This also released earlier this year. interestingly, I gave both Fresh and no Exit the same grade of B+.

3) Prey

Of course Prey makes the list. You kidding? This hulu original is actually one of the 10 titles nominated this year for a people choice award for excellence in audio description at this years ceremony by the American Council For The Blind. in addition to having Dan Trachtenberg make a Predator film possibly better than the original, it also features an almost entirely Native American cast with Amber. Midthunder giving a stand out performance. A must watch.

4) Run

Before I was doing my website and reviews again, there was a break period, and I loved Sarah Paulson’s performance so much in this film I listed her in my final five for that year’s Best Of for Supporting Actress. I don’t want to spoil the film, but the title already kinda does that for you.

5) Castle Rock

Yes, this is a series. there are two seasons. Hulu’s offerings are so limited, I had to include TV shows. Castle Rock is an assembly of previous Stephen King works, and big fans of his will note the little nods to each story, even if each season tends to lean primarily on one novel.

6) Scream Queens

At least Season 1. Season 2 bit off more than it could chew, and introduced a dumb new setting, and killed off some of their best characters. So, I’m really just recommending Season 1, which actually works well as a stand alone anyway.

7) Sleepy hollow

Had no idea this had audio description. I think it overstayed it welcome, but the first two seasons are worth watching, and nothing says spooky like a Headless Horseman.

8) The Solar Opposites Halloween Special

This super special episode just released, and if you love the Solar opposites, you will love this. Plus, it’s different from everything else on my list.

9) The Handmaid’s Tale

I know I’m stretching, but there are things on Hulu that only have a few episodes described. The Handmaid’s Tale is described from beginning to currently airing. Wayward Pines only had Season 2, and The X-Files only bothered with six episodes. What are you gonna do? it’s hulu.

10) What We Do in The Shadows

OK. So, I know what I just said. And I know the entire series doe not have audio description. But, if nothing else, if you haven’t seen the first season, it’s hilarious, and at least you’ll have that. Plus, I finally get to include Vampires on this list.

Yes, I recognize that hulu had a few other titles that are movies that could hav qualified. I haven’t seen Little Monsters. I purposefully didn’t recommend certain titles that I didn’t think were good. So, that left off American Horror Stories and Hellstrom. I knew this list would be challenging, since Hulu has made very little effort to acquire audio description for library content licensed from other studios, especially on the film side.

Maybe next year’s list will be more diverse.

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