10 Titles On Amazon With Audio Description To Frighten Prime Subscribers

The final streamer. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Amazon’s list at The Audio Description project (ADp.ACB.org) was included slightly under 600 titles free to prime subscribers. Since the master Amazon list has over 3,000 (we need to have a talk about that disparity, Amazon) I’m glad I didn’t have to search through over 3,000 titles. however, Amazon does have multiple genres which shortened the list, they have films I have seen and can’t recommend without having seen, and they have films I have seen but wouldn’t recommend. They’ve also prioritized a lot of D-list titles, which doesn’t help when i didn’t even know the film existed.

As I did with my list for Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Peacock, and Paramount Plus, if it made the list, I’ve seen it, and I have a favorable opinion. i might not have seen it with audio description on Amazon, a service known for using TTS description (aka robodescription) as a cheap alternative. So, the quality of these descriptions might not even be great.

1) Hannibal

I saw this film once in theatres. Once was enough. There’s something that happens to one of the characters, and it was a bit much for my… taste… back in 2001. But the fact that I’ve been revolted by this for over 20 years, on one viewing, is a good sign. Also, this is not a deep list to choose from. Beggars can’t be choosers.

2) John Dies At The End

I don’t remember this being scary, but it is gory. Again, this was only a one time viewing, and it’s been a while. I do have a favorable opinion of this film, and i think most who have seen it did. I wish I could remember how to explain this film, because the plot as I remember even parts of it was all over the place.

3) The Addams Family

Finally. Something I can cheer about. I’ve seen this numerous times, and this is the Raul Julia version. He was a fantastic Gomez, and there will never (NEVER) be another like him. Also, the rest of the casting is spot on, and The Munsters wanted so bad to be able to do this. If you’ve never seen this, why? honestly, I’ve seen it so many times, I probably don’t need audio description, and I’ll probably continue to watch this creepy, spooky, family for years to come.

4) The ghost and the Darkness

It only makes sense that if I use Beast to qualify for peacock, that I choose this 90’s cheesy action horror about virtually the same thing. it’s not really perfect for Halloween, but it’s violent enough I suppose.

5) Grimm (TV Series)

Yes, this list is bleak enough to include TV series on it. Grimm is actually well suited for Halloween time, though beware that they decided not to describe Season 1. I mean, why bother? Blind people love skipping the first season of a show and jumping right into the second, right? Fuck us, right?

6) Goodnight Mommy

I have a review of this coming, as i just saw it. I ahve a feeling the original foreign version is better, but I gave the remake enough of a score for this to be a very small, very slight recommend. See if you can figure out the ending within the first 10 minutes. That’s about how long it took me.


Regina Hall top lines this decent thriller about being one of the only black people on campus at a very white school. As her life starts getting turned upside down and being haunted by something, so does a new freshman, who happens to live in a dorm where a previous girl killed herself. Always a good formula for a horror title.

8) I Know What you Did Last Summer (TV Series)

Everything Pretty little Liars original Sin was trying to be, this show already accomplished. It did so in the weirdest way, totally setting itself apart from the original story, and it’s gory as all hell. These teens don’t just get stabbed by a knife. oh no, that would be too easy. It’s like Jigsaw invaded this franchise. It may be only a one season show, but it’s one of the strongest recommendations on my list.

9) The Boys (TV Show)

Your kids dress up as superheroes, and if you are looking for just down to dirty gore, there are very few series as consistently gory as The Boys, which has exploded more people in three seasons than any other superhero show I’m sure. Is it scary? no. But the blood and guts are far more consistent and prevalent than a lot of films that would call themselves “horror titles”.

10) Them (TV Series)

Before Season 2 comes, check out this freaking weird, scary, and truly horrifying show about a black family moving to a white suburb, and how the people in that community react. There’s an episode in here that will likely shake you to the core (Episode 6 or 7… those who know, know). It’s just down right disturbing at times.

So that’s my list. I do plan on watching some more films before next year, plus I’m sure the library titles will be different, so it will be fun to see if I can get 10 movies next year. It’s sad that for a major streamer, especially one with the current rights to horror classics like Hellraiser, that my options are to watch obscure titles to fill the void, instead of horror classics.

Secondary note, like I said, I did leave off films I can’t recommend. And that includes the new Firestarter, which has a great score from john Carpenter, but is actually less scary than the original. I didn’t realize that was possible.

2 thoughts on “10 Titles On Amazon With Audio Description To Frighten Prime Subscribers

    1. Unfortunately it happens more than it should. There are several shows that are missing seasons, and they’re not always the first. Which makes it weirder when you have to jump over a season somewhere in the middle. And then there are shows that don’t do all of the episodes. I would say the reason is apathy. As since most of the people making the decisions about the audio description or not blind themselves they do not care. It is not something they feel like they will ever use, it does not affect them, so for them it is something that they just look at as cost expenditure.

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