Best Of 2022: Top 10 Most Underrated TV Shows

So, my second list celebrating the Besst of 2022 highlights ten shows I’m fairly certain didn’t get a second season. Actually, nine of the ten on this list I am able to find conclusive evidence of that. only one show, Outer Range, seems to be up in the air. To be fair, all 10 are first season shows, so something like Raising Deon, which deserved another season, was left off the list because at least it got a second season.

10) Queens (ABC)

I actually really enjoyed this ensemble about a former hip hop group looking to regain their status. I know Eve taking a break due to her pregnancy probably hurt its Season 2 chances, but those ratings were terrible because no one watches network TV anymore.

9) The Imperfects (Netflix)

I actually just finished the first season last week, and I was in the middle of the season when Netflix cancelled it and I still finished it. And, looking at that Season 2 finale, the second season would have been nuts.

8) The Endgame (NBC)

A twisty little action thriller that reminded me a lot of that great first season of The Blacklist, back before I quit watching that show. It had promise, but NBC didn’t see it that way.

7) Pivoting (FOX)

This actually almost got a second season. FOX was basically doing an either/or between this and Welcome To Flatch, and I think they picked the wrong show. This comedy about three women maintaining their friendships right after the death of another friend was really smart, sharp, and far funnier than Seann William Scott’s languishing sitcom.

6) The midnight Club (Netflix)

I had no intention of including this on my list. I thought the viewership on this was OK. I was also under the impression it was a limited series like all of Mike Flanagan’s other shows. I wasn’t expecting a second season. But when Netflix cancelled it, it made me think… what if? But with Flanagan’s deal with Netflix expiring, and his move to Amazon (where they likely will cancel everything he does), it’s hard to imagine a perfect second season, or I’d have it much higher.

5) Minx (HBO MAX)

A show that almost got to avoid being on this list. HBo MAX did the right thing, and gave this a second season renewal, seeing the obvious potential here back in the spring. Then, in December, it unceremoniously decided… nope. I don’t know what is going on at HBo MAX or Warner Bros Discovery, but I assume they are an actual dumpster fire. Hey, but at least Ezra Miller is still The Flash.

4) Paper Girls (Amazon)

if Amazon feels targeted, they should. They had some of the best new shows of the season, and they all seemed to die because they weren’t taking place in Middle Earth. These paper Girls and their time traveling madness deserved more exploration. It was cancelled far too quickly.

3) Night Sky (Amazon)

Speaking of shows cancelled rapid fast, this Sissy Spacke/JK Simmons sci-fi drama about an elderly couple who take a stranger into their home, oh… and they also have a portal to another world under their shack out back. It was a compelling ending to the season, and I’m so mad that I don’t know how this show would have moved forward.

2) Outer Range (Amazon)

I would put this at number one, if I knew for sure it was cancelled. But, in case it does get a second season, this josh Brolin series deserves it. Both Brolin and co-star Will Patton were fantastic, and they also had something in their backyard… but the mystery behind it was so much deeper.

1) As We See it (Amazon)

You’ll hear the phrase “representation matters” quite frequently, and this drama, created by Friday Night Lights’s Jason Katims, is a perfect example of that truth. Not only did it explore situations and themes we hadn’t really seen explored outside of a few shows like Atypical, but it did so with a cast actually on the spectrum. It was such a lovely show, full of heart, and it had so much potential. This can’t even be an expensive show, as its locations are limited, and it’s not a science fiction show like the others. How much money did they really save here? Why not just put your faith that this show would find an audience if you just marketed it better? What a shame. This is the show I will miss the most that was never given a chance.

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