John Wick

Where I Watched it: peacock

English Audio Description?: No

hah. Hosting this film without audio description is just so pointless. I mean, the entire franchise is centered around these action sequences, and not dialogue. in fact, much has been made about just how few words Keanu Reeves actually says in the 4th installment.

Look, I had the opportunity to watch this when i could see. i loved it. it’s a great revenge thriller, especially when you don’t know that it’s launching a franchise. But there just is so much action featured in this film, in this franchise, that I’m tired of beating around the bush. Peacock wants to host the John Wick franchise while it’s hot, then they need to import the audio description. I do believe the whole franchise has it. They are just choosing to not use it.

That knowledge fuels this grade even more. So, thanks peacock, I’ll get right on complaining to your AI chat bots about this.

FINAL GRADE: Unwatchable.

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