Weekend Box Office: ‘Star Wars’ Keeps Smashing Records

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now 6th All Time Worldwide, and 2nd Domestically. It is just 20M short of Avatar. It will probably pass it on Tuesday, as kids start going back to school tomorrow, so the astronomical weekday grosses are going to stop. It should still pull in around 10M a day, but it’s just slow enough to make it wait till Tuesday to pass Avatar for the #1 film All-Time.

Aside from Star Wars, some pretty great things happened with holdovers. The Good Dinosaur, Brooklyn, and Spotlight all rose, without adding any screens. Sisters dipped 11%, Alvin and the Chipmunks dipped 10%. More troubling was with all the awesomeness going around, Joy still managed to drop 38%, somehow even more than Point Break, which dropped 30%.

The Revenant managed a 112,500 per screen average and Anomalisa managed 35,000. Creed broke 100M. Daddy’s Home will definitely break 100M, possibly before Friday of next week.

1) Star Wars: The Force Awakens- 88.3M Weekend, 740.2M Total
2) Daddy’s Home- 29M Weekend, 93.6M Total
3) The Hateful Eight- 16.2M Weekend, 29.5M Total
4) Sisters- 12.5M Weekend, 61.7M Total
5) Alvin and the Chipmunks 4- 11.8M Weekend, 67.3M Total
6) Joy- 10.4M Weekend, 38.7M Total
7) The Big Short- 9M Weekend, 32M Total
8) Concussion- 8M Weekend, 25.3M Total
9) Point Break- 6.8M Weekend, 22.4M Total
10) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 2- 4.6M Weekend, 274.2M Total
11) The Good Dinosaur- 4M Weekend, 114.7M Total
12) Creed- 3.9M Weekend, 103.4M Total
13) The Danish Girl- 1.5M Weekend, 6M Total
14) Brooklyn- 1.3M Weekend, 20.8M Total
15) Carol- 1.2M Weekend, 5M Total
16) Spotlight- 1.2M Weekend, 27.1M Total
17) Krampus- 829K Weekend, 42.3M Total
18) Spectre- 725K Weekend, 197.8M Total
19) In The Heart Of The Sea- 700K Weekend, 23.8M Total
20) The Martian- 585K Weekend, 225.9M Total
22) The Revenant- 450K Weekend, 1.3M Total
23) Youth- 350K Weekend, 1.6M Total
25) Trumbo- 176K Weekend, 7M Total
27) Anomalisa- 140K Weekend, 213K Total
32) Son Of Saul- 36K Weekend, 162K Total

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