The Too Much TV Roundup- September 12th

Well, how about those Emmy’s? Did your favorite win? With hundreds of scripted programs on the air, I’m going to guess probably not for many of you. Most of your favorite shows likely won’t even be nominated ever. But hey, at least they are predictable.

1) Love, Victor (Hulu/ Disney plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

A perfect storm happened that allowed the series finale of Love Victor to rise to the top. House Of The Dragon produced its worst episode yet, and the other contenders just didn’t hit all the right notes. Love Victor figured out that what its audience wanted at the end of its short three season run was a series of happy endings, where the slightly longer than usual finale managed to repair every broken friendship, relationship, and had every main cast member put their cards on the table. At the end, we had one of those cheesy finales where everything worked out, and a full circle moment featuring Benji and Victor on the Winter Carnival Ferris wheel (Yes, what a call back, right?) was exactly what fans needed. No one wanted some depressing finale full of breakups and Victor ending up with Nick.

Episode Grade: A, Season 3 Grade: A-, Series Grade: A

2) The Lake (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Another one wrapped up, and the way this finishes really makes me wonder… is this a limited? I saw it billed as such when it dropped, but this ending seems to suggest that the producers of the show are unaware their show is a limited series. I’m kind of interested to see if The lake manages a second season now, after this show also wrapped up its story nice and tight, while also setting up a clear season two. Hasn’t been my favorite during its entire run, but I’ll give it a solid notice here for a great “season” finale.

Episode Grade: A, Season 1 Grade: B+

3) Last Week Tonight With john Oliver (HBo/ HBo MAX)

English Audio Description?: No

John Oliver is back, and he’s going after law and order. Yes, both the series, and the concept. I have to admit that banana dialogue they pulled from one of the series was so stupid it reminded me of why I stopped watching. Like, they’ve literally run out of ideas, and now have plots where that passes as dialogue.

Episode Grade: A-

4) Surface (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

The worlds most frustrating female lead character is frustrating because of this conservatorship that hangs over her head. It’s like the little annoying plot detail that they threw into the series so that they could try and make it make sense. Anyone else would have left by now. But because she doesn’t have autonomy, we spend the first three episodes practically screaming “Get the fuck out of there!” Because it’s clear to us something is very not OK, and it’s becoming more and more obvious to her as well. But there’s this legal force field that keeps her stuck in danger. It’s maddening. I’m interested, but I find it hard to fully love a show that uses a singular trap just so it can force its plot to unfold. It’s hard to describe, but it’s keeping me from fully embracing our lead character.

Episode Grade: B+

5) House Of The Dragon (HBo/ HBO MAX)

English Audio Description?: Yes

You may ask yourself what did this show do to wind up dropping from a consistent first place, all the way to fifth? Well, incest. And, also taking the character we all apparently were supposed to be rooting for, and allow her to put herself in that situation to begin with, despite the fact that Reina and Christian seemed like that was totally going to happen. I mean, it did, which offered a glimpse of redemption, but we also got a Damon/Reina moment that will haunt me and my view of Reina for quite some time. i now no longer am rooting for her on the throne. I guess, her 3 year old brother can have it. Still, definitely don’t want Damon, though he is a terrific villain.

Episode Grade: B

6) Still Breathing (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Or whatever this show is called. I gave the show the benefit of the doubt in episode 1, and it has continued to let me down. Honestly, I don’t know what it’s trying to achieve. There’s the moment where she’s about to drink the water, then we get a smash cut of every animal urinating and defecating in that water, like some kind of joke, which leads her to boil the water. Basically, she just boils water and eats berries in the third episode of this survival series. This is like watching the extended directors cut of Cast Away, and realizing how much longer and slower it could ahve been. The rest of the episode is nonsense, because she’s either talking to a dead guy, or we see her life in far too many flashbacks. I guess, the flashbacks are supposed to come full circle at some point, but if people leave the series before they get to that point, then you failed. I’m afraid that this “survival show” has very little survival, like their budget was really low, and they are padding the shit out of it. I might go one more episode, but if half or more than half of that episode is flashbacks, I’ll be moving away from this.

Episode Grade: C

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