10 Titles With Audio Description On Peacock To Make Your Halloween Spooky

I’ve already covered HBo MAX and hulu. Time to see if i can muster up ten titles worth watching that are on Peacock and have audio description. As before, every film on this list I recommend on some level, but I may not have seen the film with audio description, and my recommendation comes from having seen the film years ago.

As usual, my list was pulled from The Audio Description Project, which you can always access: (Http:\\adp.acb.org)

1) Beast

Soon, I’ll be posting a full review, but this film which dropped on the service two days ago was in theatres in August. It’s pretty tense and features idris Elba trying to keep a lion from eating his daughters. It’s violent and the attacks are bloody enough to qualify, though I wasn’t particularly scared.

2) Arachnophobia

This classic works on many levels. It’s sort of a horror comedy, and it’s not so scary or gory that the whole family (at least older kids) can’t watch. Revisit this classic. Unless your fear of spiders wins out, in which case, Halloween must be a tough time for you.

3) Escape The Field

A serviceable thriller about six strangers who wake up in a maze and must find their way out by solving puzzles. It’s like if Escape Room met Jeepers Creepers, because this set of puzzles also features a killer stalking them.

4) The Black Phone

If this is still on the service, where I watched it, it is a must watch. I’m almost 150 films deep into 2022, and this film is my current pick for Best Picture. Seriously. Mason Thames gives a stunning lead performance from a child actor, and Ethan hawke is so scary. Watch this with your kids, they’ll be so traumatized they’ll never talk to strangers… or leave the house.

5) The Harry Potter Franchise

Technically, this is me recommending eight different titles. but, eight titles that are all worth watching. My personal favorite is Prisoner of Azkaban directed by the amazing Alfonso Cuaron.

6) Dr Death

Yes,a TV series. What can I say, the offerings on peacock are limited, though Harry Potter technically put me over 10. i did want to mention this series, because it’s terrific, and it will make you never want to be in a hospital.

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