Weekend Box Office: ‘Baywatch’ Bombs

Well, one of the more “surefire” things of the summer, the Dwayne Johnson led Baywatch, is flopping, putting another question mark over the heads of the summer. The tracking for Baywatch had it making 40-50M over the long 5 day weekend, but can’t even beat Guardians in its fourth weekend. This weekend is full of bad news, with Pirates underperforming as well. Originally on track to do 100M in 4 days, that projection cooled to 80-85M, and now is looking more like 70M.

It’s not like these films are despised by audiences either. Pirates has managed an A- cinemascore, while Baywatch has a B+. People just don’t care enough to show up.

They don’t care about Alien Covenant either, which fell 66% in week two, despite strong reviews and a decent cinemascore.

Wonder Woman should be very, very afraid.

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