Best Of 2022: Worst Performances Of The Year (Film)

Sometimes It’s fun to make these lists, and sometimes it’s not. So, to speed things along, i gender neutrales this category, and some spots go to multiple people.

15) The Cast Of After Ever Happy

Basically, everyone in this film was some shade of awful. Mira sorvino deserves better films. She has an Oscar. Why was she in this?

14) Alyssa Milano (Brazen)

I should blame the whole cast here too, but the failure of the film happens to rest with the star, who if she had not signed onto the project, I’m not sure anyone would have seen this or cared. Brazen was a truly terrible film with no redemptive qualities, and one of only a few F grades i gave out this year.

13) Tom Hanks (Elvis)

he might be shortlisted for a BAFTA, but Hanks’s performance here is the worst of his career. it was so staggeringly terrible, i didn’t believe it was possible. i could never have fathomed this kind of thing from Hanks, who is such a tremendous actor. But he was miscast from the start, recycled his persona from The Ladykillers and mixed it with the rotating celebrities who keep doing Colonel Sanders in those KFC commercials. Plus, from a filmmakers standpoint, making him the storyteller is why I’m not a fan of Elvis.

12) Chris Evans (Lightyear) and every other voice actor from ice Age and Hotel Transylvania who tried to pretend they were someone else.

Evans should have said no. Disney should have offered this to Allen. It didn’t work. neither did listening to someone try and be Ray Romano in the Ice age Adventures Of Buckwild, or Adam Sandler in Hotel Transylvania 4.

11) Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart (Me Time)

One of the critics I follow had Hart only on his list, and that’s not fair. This is on both of them. They didn’t have chemistry, and it showed.

10) Not Michael Myers (aka Cory)

Everything about this was wrong. i still believe those out there trying to make excuses for this film are delusional on some level. Cory was the worst possible way to end this franchise.

9) Justin Long (Christmas With The Campbells)

Miscast. It felt like a role meant for someone else entirely, and Long spent the whole film trying to pretend to be a different actor pretending to be this character.

8) Jake Hoffman (Sam and Kate)

He is not his father, by any means. hopefully, the nepotism will end, and the roles will dry up.

7) The Voice Cast Of Marmaduke

Everyone here was atrocious. The film, the direction, the cast, everything.

6) Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson (Clerks 3)

When kevin Smith casts his friends, i don’t usually mind. But when he writes things for them that require dramatic range, it highlights how awful they are as actual actors. i never had a problem with them before, but the emotional weight of Clerks 3 sank these two.

5) The Ensemble of It’s A Wonderful Binge

No one should have said yes to this film.

4) Not Arnold Schwarzenegger (Eraser Reborn)

The rando that they found to do this reboot makes me wonder if they understood at all what made the first film work. Star power. That was it. It’s not that brilliant of a concept. you need a star, and whoever the fuck that was, is not a star.

3) Sheri Moon Zombie (The Munsters)

Sadly, an easy target. i think her and her husband probably have a great relationship, but I don’t think he’s ever given her an ounce of constructive directorial feedback. He loves her, so everything she does is perfection. It’s not.

2) Elsa Pataky and Luke Bracey (Interceptor)

I’d actually be Ok if these two never got cast again. I don’t need to see them in film anymore. They had a good run. interceptor should be a career ender.

1) The Random people The Found On The Street To Be in Hot Take

This… “film”…. Is an abomination unto man, and a precursor to the apocalypse. Listening to these awful actors try and pretend to be famous people so we can rush a film out just a few months after the verdict, was the wrong decision. No talent existed in this film. Anywhere. Creatively, on screen, or otherwise.

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